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    2011 the global steel market demand will reach 1.5 billion tons

    2011 years of global steel demand will reach 1.5 billion tons
    The world's largest steel maker Arcelor Mittal CEO Mittal21 Day said in a speech by China and other emerging economies, boosted by strong demand growth in 2011, global steel demand is expected to grow 6.5% -7%, up1.5 billion tons.He said that although China's steel consumption rose slowdown this year, steel demand is expected to continue to grow more than 7%.At the same time, from the United States, European Union and other developed economies, demand for steel will continue to slowly rise.International Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui die in Pakistan reported that China Steel Industry Association said the monthly report released Thursday by continuing to maintain high levels of iron and steel production, steel demand growth and weak international markets and other factors, post-market steel prices were stillfluctuations in operating situation.The report said the domestic market, a time when steel consumption season, subject to the domestic protection of housing construction, railway and water conservancy construction boost is expected to post strong domestic market demand for steel still.Luo Baihui said, domestic steel production capacity to release faster, the oversupply in the market still outstanding; post-market currencies weakened further liquidity, corporate financial pressure will rise; energy and resource prices will push reformproduction costs.
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